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Elders Coffee

Coconut Lavender

Coconut Lavender

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With nothing but natural flavors and scrumptious coffee, this brew brings a bright, modern taste; perfect for any time of day or year. The fresh lavender hits your senses first, followed closely by notes of luxuriously creamy coconut milk.

12oz - Ground

100% Arabica Beans

Naturally flavored

Medium Roast

No sugar added

Though everyone has their methods, our favorite way to make a cup of Elders is in a French Press with a 1:3 ratio, which is 1 part coffee beans to 3 parts water. This makes a nice strong brew, which is perfect for adding a splash of your preferred milk or cream, and half a tablespoon (more or less!) of raw sugar.

In example, if you want two mugs of coffee with a 1:3 ratio, add 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds to your French Press, boil water, and pour 12oz (or 1.5 cups) of water on top of the beans. Stir, steep for 5 minutes, add your fixings, and enjoy!


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